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International literary festival at the Literaturhaus Wien

Erich Fried Days 2013
November 6-10, 2013

Literaturhaus Wien
Zieglergasse 26a
1070 Wien
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All events: free of charge
No reservations
While Europe is struggling with national bankruptcy, recession and the aftermath of the credit crunch, while investment banks again recklessly risk a global financial meltdown and social devision may erupt in riots nearly anytime and anyplace, while political indifference spreads like a pandemic - visions of a new world are chanted at the revolutionary places of the Arab world and “Occupy Wall Street” gathers voices in fluctuating movement expressing worldwide protest. The prevailing sense of uncertainty and the need for change have given the Erich Fried Days an impulse to choose for its next festival a literary genre that as no other will evoke joyful as well as nightmarish visions of a possible future: utopian and dystopian fiction.

Special Guests:

>>David Mitchell (GB), acclaimed author of Cloud Atlas and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet opens the festival
6 November 2013, 7 pm

„Political utopias/dystopias“ will be addressed by the Moroccan author >>Tahar Ben Jelloun - one of the best known and most renowned francophone authors. He will hold a lecture on his visions for the uprising „Arab spring“ countries. Ben Jelloun will be joined by Egyptian rapper >>Deeb, >>Ali Al-Jallawi, a poet from Bahrein, and Palestinian filmmaker/writer >>Hind Shoufani
7 November 2013, 3 pm

>>PeterLicht (D), poet, musician, writer from Germany, gives one of his rare concerts
7 November 2013, 9.30 pm

News from planet utopia will come from the United States: >>Nathaniel Rich: Odds Against Tomorrow (April 2013), Denmark: >>Kaspar Colling Nielsen: Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018-24 (autumn 2013), and Austria: >>Cordula Simon, Ostrov Mogila, an apocalypse (August 2013) as well as >>Thomas Raab (A): Die Netzwerk-Orange, ein Versuch über die Utopie, work in progress
8 November 2013, 6 pm

British philosopher >>Simon Critchley, head of philosophy at the New York New School, opens the section on literary utopias / dystopias with a lecture on „David Bowie, dystopia and utopia“
8 November 2013, 6 pm

>>Jonathan Lethem (USA), winner of the World Fantasy Award, celebrated author of  Chronic City and The Fortress of Solitude, presents his new novel Dissident Gardens for the first time in Europe
8 November 2013, 9 pm

„Utopian“ genres like science fiction & cyberpunk as well as the world of comic & graphic novel will be addressed by American cartoonist and comics theorist >>Scott McCloud, Austrian science fiction writer >>Herbert W. Franke and French cyberpunk novelist >>Maurice G. Dantec
9 November 2013, 5 pm

In the evening a round table discussion with experts on utopia / dystopia in film will follow
9 November 2013, 8.30 pm

As final highlight of the festival German novelist >>Rainer Merkel will receive the renowned Erich Fried Prize (15,000 Euros)
10 November 2013, 11 am

For the detailed programme see:

>> Anne Zauner
e: <fon/l/et cwvol6oor='#35B0E5'>9waz@lite1eraturhrjueaus.at</font> (az@literat26urhmncaus.evamatch)

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