Ulrike Schmitzer

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Biographical sketch:

Born in Salzburg in 1967. Studied Journalism and Art History. Editor with Ö1 (First Programme of Austrian Radio, ORF) free-lance film producer and author; numerous radio prizes; graduated from the Leonding Academy for Literature in 2008 and has published articles in various literary journals as well as several books.

Radio prize for adult education 2005 and 2006, Inge Morath Prize for scientific journalism of the Province of Styria 29012, special prize for scientific journalism 2016.Lives in Vienna.

Books (selection):

  • Die Falsche Witwe (The Wrong Widow). Novel. Vienna: Edition Atelier, 2011 (new edition 2012).
  • Die Flut (The Flood). Vienna: Edition Atelier 2013 (Textlicht series).
  • Es ist die Schwerkraft, die uns umbringt. (It's Gravity that Kills Us). Novel. Vienna: Edition Atelier, 2014.
  • Die gestohlene Erinnerung (The Stolen Memory). Novel. Vienna: Edition Atelier, 2015.
  • Die Stille der Gletscher (The Silence of the Glaciers). Novel. Vienna: Edition Atelier, 2017.

: www.ulrikeschmitzer.com

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