Raoul Schrott

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Raoul Schrott was born in 1964 in Landeck, Tyrol, and grew up between Tyrol and Tunis. He studied literature and linguistics at universities in Innsbruck, Norwich, Paris, and Berlin. In 1986 and ’87, he served as assistant to the writer Philippe Soupault. Schrott wrote his dissertation on Dadaism and completed his post-doctoral thesis in 1996 at the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Comparative Literature. He has held guest professorships in Berlin and Bern as well as a lectureship in poetry in Tübingen. He is now a freelance writer (of poetry, novels, and essays) and translator. His numerous literary awards include the Leonce and Lena Award in 1995, the Rauris Literature Award in 1996, the Peter Huchel Poetry Award in 1999, the Joseph Breitbach Award in 2004, and the Tyrol State Award for Art in 2009. He lives in the Bregenz Forest of Vorarlberg.

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